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Dear Visitor,

my name is Udo Mark, I am 61 years old, and I am living in Oberpframmern , a small community in the lovely country southeast of Munich, Bavaria.

I am holding a degree in electrical engineering & cybernetics from Munich Technical University and at present time I am affiliated with a major technology and consulting company near Munich.

My occupation is with remote sensing, aerial imagery, optoelectronics and infrared physics.

I am married, have a 28-year-old daughter, and enjoy skiing and climbing in the nearby mountains of the Bavarian Alps.
As another facet of my private life I have been busy with astronomical timekeeping and calendar regulations for a number of years now.
An outcome of this activity is the software MAXCLOCK -   it is a genuine no-frill, no-gimmicks Fortran console application, and I hope it will well serve the astronomical community.

For personalized copies of this software,  and for the exchange of ideas regarding timekeeping and calendars,  please feel free to contact me:

Udo Mark
Meisenweg 4
85667 Oberpframmern, Germany
E-mail: admin at

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